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Our story

At echo, we like to keep it simple. We use fresh ingredients, whether it be in our cocktails or our dinner menu. We want the real, true flavors to shine. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love to add a little flair to our menus, but we don’t go crazy…well, some of us go a little crazy, but those are stories for another day.

We are a crew of people that love food, we love craft beverages and we love service. Wherever we might be dining in the world, near or far, we pay attention to what’s going on around us, the menu, the presentation, the atmosphere, the smells, the uniforms, all of it…we’re studying to bring a little bit of what we love back to our home at echo. We like to think of echo as extension of our home, and we are thrilled to have you spending time in our dining room, our bar, our lounge. So, please, make yourself comfortable in the safe space that we have created for ourselves and all of you.

We are simple people, but we have a passion for making people happy, and we’re doing what comes naturally to us. That’s why when we say these words, we mean them…at echo, we start with the basics, but there’s nothing basic about us.

-Erin, Brian & the echo crew

What our friends day about us…

…Excellent place with excellent food and SUPER excellent cocktails! And most importantly, super EXCELLENT people!

…Great people … great food!

…Excellent food and atmosphere!

…Super welcoming staff, great food and drink and a hip atmosphere all add up to one gem of a restaurant and lounge. Thank you Echo!